The Monday Melange 02.28.11: John O’Connor, Aaron Murray, Freddie Freeman

Our Executive Director of Sports Information is on a mission.

–Aloysius, our Executive Director of Sports Information here at Everyone’s Entitled to Joe’s Opinion, is out this week.  He is taking a road trip to track down Al from Dadeville and, presumably, dispense his own brand of ursine (don’t know if that’s a word; it is now) justice.  I would not want to be Al from Dadeville when Aloysius finds him.  Don’t let that cuddly, loveable teddy bear exterior fool you; he is a bear, and bears can be very dangerous.

Heads up, Aloysius:  Look for a guy who’s living in his car.

–This guy is some kind of stupid.  John O’Connor, former Paul Hewitt assistant at Georgia Tech, is now the head coach at Holy Family University in Philadelphia.  (Well, not anymore.)  Last month, during a particularly intense practice, he shoved a player so hard that he fell down.  Video of the practice showed him kicking the player after he was down and yelling at him to get up.  When the player walked away with blood on his backside, O’Connor yelled “Got a little [expletive deleted] blood on you?  Good!!!”

What’s worse is that Holy Family appeared to be attempting to cover this up.  O’Connor has been suspended, but the suspension did not come down until after the player, Matt Kravchuk, filed a police report and the report went public, a full month after the incident.

Courtesy of, here is the story which includes the video of the practice in question.

Heads up:  If you know this guy, he may soon be knocking on your door looking for a job.

–It’s okay, everybody.  Aaron Murray is OK.  It was just a sprained ankle.  Word is that he sprained it trying to carry Washaun Ealey to class, but they’re officially saying it was a pickup soccer game.

Imagine that.  Murray stands in the pocket and takes a four-and-a-half hour pounding from Auburn and Nick Fairley (some of those hits may have been legal), and he is unruffled.  But after a pickup soccer game his ankle is injured.  Perhaps we need to rethink some of the prejudices we have against soccer.

–Freddie Freeman and Jason Heyward are on the cover of Sports Illustrated.  At least somebody is showing the Braves some love.  Wait…is that a good thing?  Let’s hope this works out better than Jeff Francoeur making the cover of Sports Illustrated back in 2005.  There is that Sports Illustrated cover jinx, you know.