Now Playing at Life in Mordor: A Rant on the Lost Art of Pastoral Ethics

I am all about shameless self-promotion.  But then, you knew that already.  So today I will take the opportunity to direct your attention to a post that I have up over at Life in Mordor, the blog of Mike Frizzell where I have the opportunity to appear regularly as a guest contributor.  The post is entitled “A Rant on the Lost Art of Pastoral Ethics and How It Lands in My World“.

Pastoral ethics is not getting very much play these days, but it used to be a big deal in seminary training.  One of the biggest points of pastoral ethics is that if you leave a church where you are the pastor, it is a big no-no to become the pastor of any other church in the same city.  There is a reason for this:  It forces the people of your old church to make a very hard choice.  Do they go with you, or do they stay with their church, which has moved on without you?  Some will choose to stay, but some will choose to go.  That can have a significantly harmful effect on your old church.

Those of you who go to my church will no doubt know the name of the church and pastor that I allude to in this post.  I will not mention any names, as my concern is not with this specific pastor but with the issue of pastoral ethics at large.