The Monday Melange 02.21.11: Atlanta Spirit, Roger Goodell

The Atlanta Spirit. Is that Roger Goodell in the trunk?

–How’s this for ironic:  One of the Thrashers’ key players just re-signed and will be staying here.  But how much longer will his team be here? That’s right, the Thrashers are probably about to be sold and moved to Canada somewhere.  Not because there is no market for hockey here in Atlanta, but because the Atlanta Spirit are a bunch of idiots.

–Speaking of idiots, the NFL is careening toward a lockout that will shut down the league in another couple of weeks.  And what is Roger Goodell doing?  Not trying to schedule a meeting with the owners, or the players, or the players and the owners.  He’s Tweeting!!!!!

Now look:  I don’t have any sympathy for the owners or the players.  If they can’t figure out how to divide their gold bars and caviar, I don’t care.  But when the league commissioner is running around out there Tweeting, that just takes the stupidity to a whole new level.

The SEC now has T-shirts advertising their five consecutive national championships.  Hey Georgia fans:  Who’s interested in wearing a T-shirt that advertises national championships by Florida, LSU, Alabama, and Auburn?  Anyone?  Anyone?  Didn’t think so.