2010 Georgia Bulldogs: EPIC FAIL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

All you out there who believe that Mark Richt’s glowing resume has earned him the right to fix the current problems at Georgia, I want you to answer me this.  And I want you to answer me honestly, from the bottom of your hearts.

Did you see anything this evening that would give you reason to believe that Mark Richt is capable of fixing what ails Georgia?

Have you seen anything over the course of this past season which would suggest that Mark Richt is capable of fixing what ails Georgia?

Because I sure as hell have not.

Back in happier times, Mark Richt always used to speak of “finishing the drill”.  How’s this for finishing the drill:  On Georgia’s first possession of the game today, they started at their own 1 yard line and drove all the way to the 3 yard line of Central Florida.  From there, facing fourth and one, Mark Richt decided to kick a field goal.  He would defend the decision afterward.


Georgia would go on from there to lose to Central Florida by the score of 10-6.  In a season which already saw Georgia suffer the humiliation of finishing two touchdowns worse than a Mississippi State team that it had not lost to since I was in diapers, losing to a Colorado team that had gotten punked by Cal 52-7, losing to the worst Florida team ever coached by Urban Meyer, and needing a win on the very last week of the regular season just to get bowl-eligible, it was only fitting that this season should end with the indignity of Georgia failing to score even so much as one touchdown against a Conference USA opponent in a lower-tier bowl.

Georgia could not run the ball effectively.  Aaron Murray could not throw.  The defense could not stop Central Florida when it counted.  Georgia has had an entire season, and an entire month of preparation, to fix these issues.  And they are not fixed.

Those of you who believe that Mark Richt has earned the right to fix what ails Georgia:  Do you see any reason in all of this to believe that Mark Richt will fix what ails Georgia?  Because I sure as hell don’t.

Boise State is on the schedule as Georgia’s 2011 season opener.  With Georgia all set to send its top two playmakers to the NFL as underclassmen for the second consecutive year, is there any part of you that honestly believes Georgia is capable of winning this game?

Didn’t think so.

Today’s loss dropped Georgia to 6-7, their worst record ever under Mark Richt, and their first losing season since 1996, Jim Donnan’s first year.  And so it is time to close the books on Georgia’s 2010 season with two words:

EPIC FAIL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!