Jeff Dunn: The “Christian Protection Racket”

Did you hear about the Aggie protection racket?  If you don’t pay them the protection money, they won’t beat you up.

Seriously, though.  Protection racket is a term that hails from New York back in the early centuries of this country, when mob activity there and in other places was on the rise.  This meant that you would pay some organized crime figure in your neighborhood a certain amount of money to ensure that bad things did not happen to your home or business.  “Bad things” typically meant such things as a massive fireball appearing from out of nowhere in the middle of your home or business in the middle of the night.  Or the middle of the day, for that matter.

Unfortunately, it seems that certain quarters of Christianity can get very much like that when it comes to Christmas.  You’d better keep Christ in Christmas or bad things will happen.  If the cashier dares to say “Happy holidays” instead of “Merry Christmas”, then your business will be placed on the “naughty” list and subjected to boycott from all within the influence of Focus on the Family and other such media outlets.

Here’s a thought for you, my fellow evangelicals:  Instead of boycotting businesses when the cashier says “Happy holidays” instead of “Merry Christmas”, why not try saying “Merry Christmas” to the cashier?  Instead of getting your panties all up in a wad when your town will not place a manger scene on the town square, why not try placing a manger scene on your own front lawn?  (Here’s a bit of irony:  Here in Georgia, we are in the heart of the Bible Belt.  Yet when I travel to south Louisiana, which is decidedly Catholic and has nothing whatsoever to do with the Bible Belt, during this time of year, I see nativity scenes in people’s front yards all over the place.  Not a lot of nativity scenes in people’s front yards here in the ATL.  Come on, people.)

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