The Monday Melange 12.20.10: Al Golden, Will Muschamp, Sal Alosi

–Want to know the Chicago Bears’ excuse for getting punked 36-7 by New England last week?  They were wearing the wrong cleats.

Dude.  The game was in Chicago.  These people LIVE in Chicago.  And you expect me to believe that they showed up at Soldier Field on Sunday morning and said, “Oh snap.  It’s snowing today”?

Seems more accurate to say that these people were wearing the wrong heads.

–Al Golden, formerly of Temple, is the new Miami coach.  Golden did some great things at Temple.  He took over when Temple had just been drop-kicked out of the Big East and was considering dropping football altogether, and has now had back-to-back winning seasons, a bowl appearance last year, and should have had a bowl appearance this year.  I am sure he will do great things at Miami.  But what does it say about Miami that they don’t have the cachet to bring in somebody like Jon Gruden or Jim Harbaugh or Chris Peterson?

–For those of you who are concerned about Georgia players getting arrested, here is a story about Georgia players doing something good.

–Michael Vick says he would like to own a dog again.  Sorry.  Don’t want to go there just yet.  Can we start by letting him have a copy of that painting with the poker-playing dogs and see how that goes?

–Will Muschamp is now the head coach at Florida.  With Derek Dooley at Tennessee, all we need is for Herschel Walker to take over as executive director of football operations at Georgia Tech.

This is a surprising move, considering that surely Florida has the cachet to bring in Jon Gruden, Jim Harbaugh, or Chris Peterson.  Not to say that Will Muschamp can’t be a great head coach.  He is one of the best assistants in the country, and you had to know that sooner or later, he would get his shot as a head coach.  But the last time Jeremy Foley tried to bring in a career assistant, it didn’t work out so well.

–And you thought Dave Van Halanger was bad as a strength coach.  Georgia could have done a lot worse, as you can see in this video of Sal Alosi and his nefarious doings as New York Jets strength coach:

–This has circulated all around the Interwebs and has finally wound up here at Everyone’s Entitled to Joe’s Opinion:  The North Point Community Church iBand.  Don’t you wish your church had something this cool?

Aloysius, our Executive Director of Sports Information here at Everyone’s Entitled to Joe’s Opinion, says, “What will they ever come up with next?  An iBear?  God, I hope not.”  Don’t worry, Aloysius.  I think it’s going to take a while for anyone to come up with that one.  Although with the creative peeps over at Apple, who knows?