The Monday Melange 11.22.10: Eva Longoria, Houston Nutt, Mike Slive

Tony Parker: Dude. You cheated on this woman??? Seriously????? Seriously?????

–Tiger Woods cheated on Elin Nordegrin, and Tony Parker cheated on Eva Longoria.  Anybody else out there want to join the Club of Stupid?

–Aloysius, our Executive Director of Sports Information, says that he is available.  Heads up:  You’re not getting Aloysius unless you take me too.  But if you insist, be warned that Aloysius eats prodigious amounts of honey and you must be prepared for this.

–Ole Miss could very well finish 4-8 this year.  So what happened?  Simple.  The football gods saw Houston Nutt take in Jeremiah Masoli and they said “No!!!  This shall not pass!!!  We shall smite thee!!!”

Aloysius says "I'm available!!!!!"

–Black Friday is coming up this Friday.  And from what I hear, there is already a family camped out in front of a big-box retailer in Florida.  And you thought only football fans were crazy.

–Speaking of football, it seems to have become clear by now that the SEC does not intend to issue anything remotely resembling a reprimand to Auburn’s assault weapon Nick Fairley.  This is because the SEC makes prodigious amounts of money on a yearly basis, and Auburn stands to help them do that if they make it to the national championship, so we wouldn’t want to hurt them or cast any kind of negative publicity on them now, would we?

–By the way, Eva Longoria did not go to Auburn.