The Bulldog Tooth Bonus Feature: A Look at Some Games All Involving Teams Better Than Georgia (11.20.10)

After a long and exhausting ten-week stretch, it is nice to have a weekend to sit back and watch some games in the role of bemused observer.  So we will look at some games involving teams better than Georgia.  Alas, these days one does not have to look far at all to find games involving teams better than Georgia.

Aloysius, our Executive Director of Sports Information here at Everyone’s Entitled to Joe’s Opinion, will do the honor of wielding the vaunted bulldog tooth and making the predictions.

LSU vs Ole Miss: What is happening at Ole Miss this year?  Simple.  The football gods saw Houston Nutt sign Jeremiah Masoli and they said, “This shall not pass.  We shall smite thee!!!!!”

Les Miles reached the low point of his career last year in this game when clock management issues led to a 25-23 loss.  Won’t happen this year.

Prediction:  Les’s Miserables 38, Ole Miserables 24.

Georgia Tech vs Duke: Georgia Tech needs a win here to get bowl-eligible, and also to have a shot at beating Georgia (recall that Georgia has yet to beat a team with a winning record this year).

Prediction:  Georgia Tech 31, Duke 28.

Florida vs Appalachian State: Appalachian State may have fantasies of doing the same thing in the Swamp that they did at the Big House a couple of years back.  Won’t happen.

Prediction:  Florida 45, Appalachian State 26.

Tennessee vs Vanderbilt: Don’t look now, but Tennessee can get bowl-eligible with wins in its next two games against Vanderbilt and Kentucky.

Prediction:  Tennessee 30, Vanderbilt 14.

Northwestern vs Illinois: They’re playing this one at Wrigley Field.  Kinda like playing a basketball game in an empty swimming pool.  This one ought to be interesting.

Prediction:  Northwestern 30, Illinois 24.

Stanford vs Cal: This one should not even be close, unless Cal resorts to faking injuries like they did against Oregon (Aloysius just growled at me threateningly.  Okay, sorry.)

Prediction:  Stanford 37, Cal 21.

Southern Cal vs Oregon State: I simply cannot and will not bring myself to cheer for the men of Kiffin.

Prediction:  Oregon State 38, Kiffins 35.