Franky Schaeffer: End Times and Election Results

Today, allow me to direct your attention to an article by Franky Schaeffer (I guess I’d better call him Frank now), son of the late Francis Schaeffer, in which he manages to tie last week’s elections, a canonical dispute, and the Left Behind series all together.  Amazingly enough, it all makes sense.

In this article, Schaeffer maintains that the results of last week’s election were driven by end-times paranoia fueled by the Religious Right over the course of the last three decades.  The path to Armageddon, as insisted upon by fundamentalist Christians led by the Religious Right, based upon a faulty, overly literal interpretation of the book of Revelation, is not somewhere we want to go.

Those of you who are of the conservative persuasion may not like this very much, but it is a message which the American church needs to hear.

Read “End Times”–Election Results Reflect Biblical Republican Paranoia by Frank Schaeffer