The Monday Melange 11.01.10: Robert Schuller, Harold Camping

Robert Schuller’s Crystal Cathedral has filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy protection under a mountain of debt.  Crystal Cathedral officials blame the economy and declining contributions, not to mention a few creditors who supposedly wanted to play hardball.

Harold Camping is at it again.  Camping, an 88-year-old biblical scholar and president of Family Radio, has been known for sensational predictions of the end of the world.  Of course he has been wrong several times, but that isn’t stopping him.  He now believes that the Rapture will occur on May 11, 2011, with the end of the world to follow on October 21.

–My fellow readers:  You’ve been warned.  I don’t want to see any of you still around on May 12 singing “I Wish We’d All Been Ready”.

–If the end of the world is coming next May 11, then the peeps over at Crystal Cathedral really don’t have anything to worry about, do they?