The Monday Melange 11.29.10: Cam Newton, Lebron James

–Are Auburn football and Louisiana Democrats similar?  Check out this post and see what you think.

–Unless you have been living under a rock, you know that Lebron James has now defected from the Cleveland Cavaliers to the Miami Heat.  This move generated a massive firestorm of criticism from fans who saw it as nothing more than a cynical attempt to chase a championship.  Nike has aired a commercial defending the move in hopes of restoring Lebron James’s public image:

Didn’t work out too well, judging by this response from jilted Cleveland fans:

And here is South Park’s take on the whole thing:

Les Miserables 57: A Waif

Last time we made a quick pass through all of the action leading up to Jondrette’s attempted ambush of M. Leblanc.  Now, we will come back through and tease out some things.

During the course of the ambush, we learned that the Jondrette family who lived next door to Marius were, in fact, the Thenardiers whom we became acquainted with in Part 1 and Part 2.  This establishes that the Jondrette daughters were actually Eponine and Azelma.  Victor Hugo does not come out and state this explicitly, but there is enough in this sequence to also establish that M. Leblanc is actually Jean Valjean, and his “daughter” is actually Cosette.  So from here on out we will call everyone by their proper names.

Today we will look at Eponine.

First we will look at Marius’s first meeting of Cosette and see how it compares with his first meeting of Eponine. Continue reading “Les Miserables 57: A Waif”

The Monday Melange 11.22.10: Eva Longoria, Houston Nutt, Mike Slive

Tony Parker: Dude. You cheated on this woman??? Seriously????? Seriously?????

–Tiger Woods cheated on Elin Nordegrin, and Tony Parker cheated on Eva Longoria.  Anybody else out there want to join the Club of Stupid?

–Aloysius, our Executive Director of Sports Information, says that he is available.  Heads up:  You’re not getting Aloysius unless you take me too.  But if you insist, be warned that Aloysius eats prodigious amounts of honey and you must be prepared for this.

–Ole Miss could very well finish 4-8 this year.  So what happened?  Simple.  The football gods saw Houston Nutt take in Jeremiah Masoli and they said “No!!!  This shall not pass!!!  We shall smite thee!!!”

Aloysius says "I'm available!!!!!"

–Black Friday is coming up this Friday.  And from what I hear, there is already a family camped out in front of a big-box retailer in Florida.  And you thought only football fans were crazy.

–Speaking of football, it seems to have become clear by now that the SEC does not intend to issue anything remotely resembling a reprimand to Auburn’s assault weapon Nick Fairley.  This is because the SEC makes prodigious amounts of money on a yearly basis, and Auburn stands to help them do that if they make it to the national championship, so we wouldn’t want to hurt them or cast any kind of negative publicity on them now, would we?

–By the way, Eva Longoria did not go to Auburn.

The Bulldog Tooth Bonus Feature: A Look at Some Games All Involving Teams Better Than Georgia (11.20.10)

After a long and exhausting ten-week stretch, it is nice to have a weekend to sit back and watch some games in the role of bemused observer.  So we will look at some games involving teams better than Georgia.  Alas, these days one does not have to look far at all to find games involving teams better than Georgia.

Aloysius, our Executive Director of Sports Information here at Everyone’s Entitled to Joe’s Opinion, will do the honor of wielding the vaunted bulldog tooth and making the predictions.

LSU vs Ole Miss: What is happening at Ole Miss this year?  Simple.  The football gods saw Houston Nutt sign Jeremiah Masoli and they said, “This shall not pass.  We shall smite thee!!!!!”

Les Miles reached the low point of his career last year in this game when clock management issues led to a 25-23 loss.  Won’t happen this year.

Prediction:  Les’s Miserables 38, Ole Miserables 24.

Georgia Tech vs Duke: Georgia Tech needs a win here to get bowl-eligible, and also to have a shot at beating Georgia (recall that Georgia has yet to beat a team with a winning record this year).

Prediction:  Georgia Tech 31, Duke 28.

Florida vs Appalachian State: Appalachian State may have fantasies of doing the same thing in the Swamp that they did at the Big House a couple of years back.  Won’t happen.

Prediction:  Florida 45, Appalachian State 26.

Tennessee vs Vanderbilt: Don’t look now, but Tennessee can get bowl-eligible with wins in its next two games against Vanderbilt and Kentucky.

Prediction:  Tennessee 30, Vanderbilt 14.

Northwestern vs Illinois: They’re playing this one at Wrigley Field.  Kinda like playing a basketball game in an empty swimming pool.  This one ought to be interesting.

Prediction:  Northwestern 30, Illinois 24.

Stanford vs Cal: This one should not even be close, unless Cal resorts to faking injuries like they did against Oregon (Aloysius just growled at me threateningly.  Okay, sorry.)

Prediction:  Stanford 37, Cal 21.

Southern Cal vs Oregon State: I simply cannot and will not bring myself to cheer for the men of Kiffin.

Prediction:  Oregon State 38, Kiffins 35.

Franky Schaeffer: End Times and Election Results

Today, allow me to direct your attention to an article by Franky Schaeffer (I guess I’d better call him Frank now), son of the late Francis Schaeffer, in which he manages to tie last week’s elections, a canonical dispute, and the Left Behind series all together.  Amazingly enough, it all makes sense.

In this article, Schaeffer maintains that the results of last week’s election were driven by end-times paranoia fueled by the Religious Right over the course of the last three decades.  The path to Armageddon, as insisted upon by fundamentalist Christians led by the Religious Right, based upon a faulty, overly literal interpretation of the book of Revelation, is not somewhere we want to go.

Those of you who are of the conservative persuasion may not like this very much, but it is a message which the American church needs to hear.

Read “End Times”–Election Results Reflect Biblical Republican Paranoia by Frank Schaeffer

Les Miserables 56: The Noxious Poor

Having introduced us to the Parisian underworld in the previous book, Victor Hugo now takes us into the events leading directly to the third mini-climax of the story.  That is the pattern in this story:  scenes of intense action alternating with lengthy expository passages, then moving back into the action.  Get used to it.

There is a lot here in this section of the  story, so first we will blow right through it, then we will come back and tease out some things on the next pass.

We return to the action about six to eight months after the end of Marius’s crush on M. Leblanc’s daughter.  It is now the dead of winter, and Marius has been despondent.  He has tried constantly but in vain to find M. Leblanc’s daughter again.  Then one evening, some strange things started to happen.  First, he saw an old man wearing a cap who looked an awful lot like M. Leblanc.  He did a double-take to see if it really was M. Leblanc, but when he turned around, the old man was gone.  Then, a couple of waiflike girls brushed by him as they were running away from something.  He caught a fragment of their conversation and thought he might have vaguely recognized them.  As they passed by, they dropped an envelope.  He picked it up and took it home. Continue reading “Les Miserables 56: The Noxious Poor”