The Monday Melange 10.25.10: Mike Zimmer, Rudyard Kipling, Albert Mohler

–Mike Zimmer, Bobby Petrino’s defensive coordinator back when he was with the Cons in 2007, just called him a coward.  Guess they won’t be having dinner together anytime soon.

–Are the Narnia stories too scary for kids?  Over at hermeneutic, Christianity Today’s blog for women, Elrena Evans offers her take on “Why There’s No Narnia in Our Home”.  It is an interesting discussion of the issue of censorship as it relates to children’s literature and what is and is not appropriate for children to read.  My take is that the concern for violence in children’s literature is a recent and unnatural concern, having only come about within the previous century.  Many great children’s stories from previous generations, such as those of Rudyard Kipling or the Brothers Grimm, depict violence quite shamelessly.  Of course, I could see things quite differently if and when I have kids.

–Okay, so by now we’ve all heard about the rescue of the Chilean miners.  And many people call this event a miracle.  But is it really?  Read this piece over on Roger Ebert’s blog in which he takes up the question.

–Yoga is not Christianity and should be avoided like the plague by anyone who identifies himself or herself as a Christian.  That is Albert Mohler’s opinion, and he wants it to be yours as well.  Tough beans for the many UGA students who must employ yoga in order to fit into their dorm rooms.


One thought on “The Monday Melange 10.25.10: Mike Zimmer, Rudyard Kipling, Albert Mohler

  1. Is Christianity too scary for children? Does she force her kids to not read the bible? Epic tales of incest, daring escapes involving prostitutes, swords being swallowed up in belly fat (a personal fav), exploding entrails, and gruesome execution methods are all things I read in the Bible as a child and look how I turned out! Maybe that isn’t the best argument…

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