Michael Spencer: Just Beyond the 100th Time

The post that I wish to direct your attention to today is for those of you who feel that you have been around your church or around evangelicalism long enough to have heard almost everything that anyone could possibly have to say.

Imagine that.  There are people running around out there who actually feel that way.  Only they won’t tell you because it is not safe to.  The standard evangelical reaction to such a sentiment is to dismiss the person expressing it as some prideful prick who thinks (wrongly) that he/she has attained a superior level of maturity than the rest of us and therefore has no further need of instruction, or as some immature young punk who wants to have his/her ears tickled with the latest crazy pablum.

But if you will take a long, hard, honest look around you, you will see that those who say they have heard it all are not to be so easily dismissed, because they have a legitimate complaint.  The problem proceeds from evangelical Protestant-dom’s complete and utter infatuation with the weekly 40-minute information dump as the primary catalyst of spiritual transformation.  Oh, and don’t forget the quiet time.

Evangelicals love to believe that as long as people are sitting in rows and listening to well-known evangelical teachers, life change is happening and people are growing into spiritual maturity.  But transformation by information only works up to a certain point.  The problem is that people are human beings.  They cannot be satisfied forever by mere information; they want and need to see Christ in as many different forms as real life comes at them.  If we cannot and will not offer them that, then we should expect to see and hear a lot more people walking away saying that they have seen and heard it all.

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