My Fellow Georgia Fans: Time to Get Embarrassed

I am now embarrassed to be a Georgia fan.

No.  Correct that.  I am now MORTIFIED to be a Georgia fan.

I tried to keep a positive face on things as Georgia was in the process of losing to South Carolina and Arkansas.  Both of these are Top 25 teams and it was surely a quirk of scheduling that had Georgia playing both of them on back-to-back weeks in September of a rare year when both of them figured to be for real.

I tried to maintain faith that Georgia’s recent woes were the result of short-term chaos from the transitions which the program is currently going through:  a new starting quarterback, a new DC, and a new defensive system.  That things would surely improve as the season progressed, and that next year or perhaps later this season, we would be in a place where we could look back and say that it was worth enduring the present chaos to get to that place.

You have all read my blog over the past couple of weeks.  You can bear witness to this.

I have no such faith anymore.

When a team loses by two touchdowns to Mississippi State–MISSISSIPPI STATE, FOR CRYING OUT LOUD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!–it is not an aberration.  It is not a quirk in scheduling.  It is not the short-term chaos of a program in transition.  It is not anything that can be blamed on the absence of one player or inexperience or lack of depth at a certain position in the lineup.  All you people running around out there saying that this is all due to A. J. Green being out:  It is now time for you to sit down and shut up.

No, when your team has its ass handed to it by Mississippi State, it is a sign that your program has severe and profound flaws that cannot and will not be fixed anytime soon.

For crying out loud, people, Mississippi State is seldom a force within the borders of its own state.  And yet Georgia managed to make them look like a major SEC power.

Turn back the clock.  Cover your faces.  Hang your heads in shame and disgrace.  The last time Georgia lost to Mississippi State?  The year was 1974.  I was still in diapers.  The last time Georgia lost to Mississippi State in Starkville?  1956.  My parents were still in high school.

The previous week, Georgia lost to Arkansas in Athens for the first time since Ray Goof.  The week before that, they lost to South Carolina in Columbia for the first time in a decade.  The humiliation grows deeper and more abject by the week.

Are you still not convinced that this isn’t an aberration?

Try this:  Georgia is now 2-7 in its last 9 SEC games.  Among those seven losses:  Lane Kiffin’s pathetic joke of a program at Tennessee.  Kentucky.  South Carolina.  Arkansas.  And now Mississippi State.  The only wins in that stretch:  Vanderbilt, who cannot be taken lightly because they are two touchdowns better than Ole Miss, and a Gene Chizik-coached Auburn team that, as presently constituted, is at least two touchdowns better than Georgia.

Still not convinced?

Okay, try this:  Georgia is now 0-3 in SEC play.  They stand completely and totally alone in that regard.  Behind Mississippi State.  Behind Vanderbilt.  Behind Kentucky.  Behind all the other teams that you used to joke about.  Behind all the other teams about whom you used to say, “At least we’re not as bad as _________.”

Folks, Georgia IS that bad.

No, correct that.  Georgia is WORSE.

This week’s game was a MUST-WIN for Georgia.  Facing the prospect of a three-game losing streak for the first time ever in Mark Richt’s career and 0-3 in SEC play for the first time since Ray Goof, one would think that Richt would have had his charges playing with desperation, urgency, and reckless abandon.  Here’s how much desperation, urgency, and reckless abandon Georgia was playing with this evening:  In only the first three minutes of the game, Georgia went three-and-out and then surrendered a touchdown to Mississippi State in only four plays.

Mark Richt has GOT to do better than that.

The offensive line remains hopelessly pathetic.  Three trips to the red zone for Georgia netted only two field goals and a fumble.  Georgia did not score a touchdown until late in the fourth quarter, well into trash time, well after the game had already been decided.

The defense remains pathetic, as evidenced by that early touchdown and the two quick fourth quarter touchdowns that won the game for Mississippi State.  Maybe this will get better as the season progresses.  Maybe not.

What you see before you is not an aberration.  It is not short-term chaos.  It is not the result of certain key players being absent or certain skill positions lacking experience.

No, what you see before you is not a football team.  It is a sick, pathetic joke.

Wide receiver Kris Durham:  “It’s one of those things where you’re not embarrassed to be a Georgia Bulldog, but we’re embarrassed at the way we’re playing….Our season could turn into a catastrophe if we don’t stay together.”

As if it hasn’t already.  There is a strong possibility that Georgia will not win another game in all of 2010.

Forget Vanderbilt.  Forget Kentucky.  Forget Mississippi State.  The SEC has a new doormat:  Georgia.

If you, my fellow Georgia fans, are not completely and utterly humiliated and ashamed, then I don’t know what is wrong with you.