The Monday Melange 09.06.10: Paris Hilton, Glenn Beck, Jeremiah Masoli

Aloysius is all in stitches about Southern Cal cheerleaders cheering at the wrong time. He is also amazed that Paris Hilton could mistake cocaine for chewing gum.

–Aloysius sends props out to Georgia State for winning their first football game.  They’re still undefeated, and now they’ve actually played a game.  Who’da thunk it?

–He also sends out props to Southern Cal for their big win:  You made your Boy Wonder look good this weekend.  Just so you know, they won’t all be this easy.  Heh heh heh.

Paris Hilton is a little confused these days.  Apparently she thinks that cocaine looks like chewing gum.

–Speaking of Southern Cal, Aloysius is all in stitches over this one.  You may recall that in the 2005 Rose Bowl, a USC cheerleader was caught on camera cheering at the wrong time.  Did you think that it couldn’t happen again?  If so, you would be wrong.  Take a gander at this:

–Glenn Beck had his little rally thingy in DC last week.  He was accompanied by a veritable phalanx of evangelical pastors linking arms in support of his call to return America to its supposed Christian roots.  You know what’s funny about all this?  GLENN BECK IS A MORMON!!!!!!!!!

Jeremiah Masoli is eligible to play at Ole Miss after all

.  In the middle of the week last week, he was ruled ineligible; he had to sit out a year before he could play at Ole Miss.  But the university appealed and on Friday the ruling was overturned.

Whenever an athlete transfers to another university, they have to sit out a year before they can play.  The NCAA will waive that requirement for athletes who transfer into a graduate program not offered at their previous university, as long as they are in good standing with the previous university.  The NCAA initially ruled Masoli ineligible because “the waiver exists to provide relief to student-athletes who transfer for academic reasons to pursue graduate studies, not to avoid disciplinary measures at the previous university.”

Granted.  That’s beside the point.  The point is that there was a rule in place.  Masoli followed the requirements as laid out by the rule (even if his actions were not consistent with the spirit of the rule).  The rule, as currently written, says nothing about an athlete having to be in good standing with his previous team–it only says he has to be in good standing with his previous university.  And Masoli was in good standing with the University of Oregon–he graduated.

–By the way, Masoli will be in the Parks and Recreation graduate program.  Good luck.  Don’t let them work you too hard.

–Oregon seems to be taking the loss of Masoli very hard.  They punked New Mexico 72-0 and had 720 yards total offense.