The Bulldog Tooth Bonus Feature: Aloysius’s Opening Weekend Predictions

Aloysius is all jacked up about football season starting this weekend.  Most of the games don’t mean very much, but there are a few games of interest floating around out there, so I have agreed to let him go to town with the vaunted bulldog tooth.

Ohio St vs Marshall: This one’s easy, because IT’S ALREADY HAPPENED!!!!!

Ohio St 45, Marshall 7.

USC vs Hawaii: Congrats Trojans, you did your Boy Wonder proud.  Enjoy it while it lasts, because they won’t all be this easy.

USC 49, Hawaii 36.

Now, on to some actual predictions.

Georgia vs USL: With all the arrests and suspensions, who will be left to play for Georgia this week?  Won’t matter.

Prediction:  Georgia 45, USL 19.

Florida vs Miami: Whoops–not THAT Miami.

Prediction:  Florida 48, Miami of Ohio 7.

Tennessee vs Tennessee-Martin: It is not good when a school has both the name of the state AND the name of the town where it is located in its name, and you STILL don’t know where it is.  Methinks the Derek Dooley era is off to a good start.  Ah, if only they could all be this easy.

Prediction:  Tennessee 38, Tennessee-Martin 0.

LSU vs North Carolina: For a coach who is 51-15 with a national championship, Les Miles is sure hearing a lot of talk about being on the hot seat.  If LSU loses this one, it won’t be long at all before people start calling them “Les’s Miserables”.  Won’t happen.  North Carolina is missing half their team this week.

Prediction:  LSU 34, North Carolina 23.

Kentucky vs Louisville: Both teams are breaking in new head coaches this week.  Louisville coach Charlie Strong is starting from a little bit closer to zero.

Prediction:  Kentucky 31, Louisville 24.

Boise State vs Virginia Tech: You know that the BCS peeps are going to have their eyes on this one.  And you know that they are going to have the Virginia Tech fight song memorized and be singing it loud and proud all Monday night.  Because if Boise State wins this one, they have a very good chance to go undefeated and completely and totally wreck the BCS this year.  Don’t think it’ll happen.

Prediction:  Virginia Tech 34, Boise State 31.