The Monday Melange 08.23.10: Bobby Petrino, Mark Richt

Aloysius is sad that AVP is no more. And he's not too crazy about Bobby Petrino either.

–Aloysius has a thing about women in bikinis, because men always call them “Honey”, and…well, you know how bears are about honey.  So it saddened him to hear that AVP (that’s professional beach volleyball) is no longer in business.  In Aloysius’s own words:  “If you can’t market bikini-clad women getting hot and sweaty on the beach, then it’s probably time for you to give it a rest.”

–Those of us who live in this neck of the woods have little regard for Bobby Petrino.  Why?  BECAUSE HE’S A SCUMBAG!!!!!  Don’t ask me why he’s a scumbag.  He just is.  And he proved it this past week, in glaring fashion:  At a press conference this past week, Bobby Petrino took a question from a radio personality who just happened to be wearing a Florida Gators hat.  He answered the question, then said that he would not answer another question from her until she removed the hat.  Apparently, when Bobby Petrino speaks the whole state of Arkansas shakes:  She was fired.  Since when do you lose your job over something like that?  Apparently Bobby Petrino has no sense of humor, or of anything else.

–Even my spellchecker doesn’t like Petrino.

–Aloysius says “That was a very rotten thing for Petrino to do.  You don’t GET SOMEBODY FIRED just because they happen to be wearing a Florida hat.  If I ever see Petrino out in the woods…”  Easy, Aloysius.  If you’re not careful, Petrino may try and get you fired too.  If he does, I will tell him that Georgia is outside his jurisdiction, but I have no idea how that will play so I can’t make any promises.

–Every year the Georgia football team heads over to the swimming pool for a day during fall practice.  And every year Mark Richt does a back dive off the 10 meter platform.  The only problem was that this year’s event was unplanned, so Mark Richt did not have his bathing suit with him.  He did not wish to change into an official Bulldogs Speedo (don’t blame him), so he dove in fully clothed.  ESPN picked it up and it wound up on SportsCenter as one of their top plays of the day.  (Good thing; otherwise Mark Richt might have had a hard time explaining to his wife why he was coming home in his underwear and why his clothes were all wet.)

–Aloysius says to be sure to check back later this week, when he will have his ranking and projected order of finish for all the SEC teams.