Chaplain Mike on Perry Noble

While we are talking about “wannabe cool” Christianity, let me throw this out there as well.

Perry Noble is speaking at my church’s Labor Day singles retreat this year.  I had not heard very much about Perry Noble; all I knew was that he is a young-ish pastor of a young-ish church over in South Carolina somewhere that seems to be doing pretty well.  I had read a couple of things over on his blog, and it seems that he has some good things to say.

So it was very much of interest to me when this item came across the wire:  Perry Noble has written a little missive in defense of pastoral practices which cater to the worst tendencies in evangelical Protestant-dom today.  He takes aim at some common objections to these practices which, in his words, “sound spiritual but are actually stupid”, answering them in an almost adolescent fashion.

First objection:  The church is not a business but a hospital for sinners.  But even a hospital must be run like a business or it will not be around for very long.

Next:  Too many churches are chasing after cool and relevant.  So what should the church be chasing after:  uncool, boring, irrelevant? “Somehow I believe that the church is supposed to be reaching kids WAY better than Disney…they have a mouse…we have the MESSIAH who gave His life and rose from the dead. Our message is SO much greater and should be told in the most effective way possible.”

Finally:  Too many pastors are obsessed with looking trendy and fashionable.  “Honestly, I was not aware that surrendering to ministry meant that I also had to surrender to the pleated/cuffed khaki, sweater vest, comb over club! (We could really go back and forth all day on this.)”

Read what Chaplain Mike has to say about Perry Noble.  If this is the state of pastoral theology and thinking in evangelical Protestant-dom, it is not good.