Daniel Jepson on Ken Ham’s “The Six Days of Creation”

Today I wish to direct your attention to a piece written by pastor Daniel Jepson, a thoughtful critique of a video presentation by Ken Ham which outlines his views on Genesis 1 over at the Franklin Community Church website.

The issues of concern which Jepson notes are as follows:

–Ham fails to treat the text of Genesis 1 properly by taking into account the actual words, syntax, structure, and overall sense of the text, and the historical, literary, and theological context.

–The only text-related issue Ham deals with is whether the word “day” should be understood as a literal 24-hour day or something different.  He spent only three minutes of a fifty-plus minute presentation addressing this issue.

–After devoting another six to seven minutes to answering some objections (which he did not do a very good job of), Ham spent the remainder of the talk criticizing the motives of those who disagree with his views on young-earth creationism.  Ham claims that young-earth creationism was the orthodox view until recent centuries when Christian thinkers sought to “correct the word of God with modern science”.  This is patently incorrect, given the views of the Church Fathers.

–Ham speaks quickly and glibly and jokingly when speaking of the objections of those who disagree with his views, as if those objections are so laughable as to not be worthy of anything remotely resembling serious consideration.

Here is part of Jepson’s conclusion on Ham:

All this is not to say that I totally disagree with all the points Mr. Ham makes, or that advocates of Old Earth creationism or other viewpoints do not have their own potential issue or problems.  I have been focusing on the arguments and tactics of one man, Mr. Ken Ham.  In my opinion, and based on the analysis above, I do not find him to be a capable interpreter of the Word of God.

I strongly encourage you to read this.


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