Quick Hit: Jeremiah Masoli

According to AJC sports columnist Tony Barnhart, Ole Miss is considering the possibility of taking Jeremiah Masoli as quarterback.  Their issues at the quarterback position right now are well documented:  Backup QB Raymond Cotton just announced that he is quitting the team.  This means that all they have is Nathan Stanley and JUCO transfer Randall Mackey, who just joined the team.  This is a train wreck waiting to happen if anybody gets hurt.

The problem:  Jeremiah Masoli has issues of his own.  He just got kicked off the team at Oregon.  He got in legal trouble, Chip Kelly suspended him and threatened to kick him off the team if he screwed up again, and he screwed up again.  In the meantime, he earned his degree from Oregon and still has a year of eligibility left, which means that if he can get into a masters program elsewhere in something that isn’t offered at Oregon, then he will be able to transfer and play football immediately without having to sit out at all.

At first blush, one would advise Ole Miss to avoid this kid like the plague.  But here’s the thing:  Lots of fans scream about player discipline but if Ole Miss has a train wreck at quarterback because people got hurt and there wasn’t anybody else to step in, those exact same fans will bitch and moan about Ole Miss not winning games.

Come on, people.  You can’t have it both ways.  If you want player discipline, then you need to be prepared to live with the consequences.  If you want to win games, then there will be a different set of consequences and you need to be prepared to live with those.  The reality is that Houston Nutt will take a lot more heat if he has a losing season this year than he will if he brings in Masoli and Masoli embarrasses the program by getting into trouble.  So if you are screaming about player discipline but you will start howling if Ole Miss has a losing season this year, then you are just paying lip service to the idea of discipline, and you need to just sit down and shut up.