The Monday Melange 07.05.10: Elian Gonzales, Robert Byrd, Damon Evans

–It has been 10 years since the nation was riveted with the story of Elian Gonzales.  At the time he was an adorable young boy, now he is a teenager.  Now, for the first time in years, he is speaking out about what the whole thing was like.

Senator Robert Byrd of West Virginia died this week at the age of 92.  Props go out to him for being the longest-serving senator in history.

Damon Evans is out as AD at Georgia.  After he pulled that Tiger Woods-esque speech last Thursday, there was still a chance that he might have been able to hang on.  But after the embarrassing details that came out Friday, that ain’t gonna happen.  Read the full police report in all its inglorious detail here.

–Here is AJC cartoonist Mike Luckovich’s view of the Damon Evans situation.

An Ethiopian won the Peachtree this year.  Condolences go out from all the staff here at Everyone’s Entitled to Joe’s Opinion to the Kenyans.  Sorry it didn’t work out better for you this year.  Hope you enjoy your T-shirts.