The Monday Melange 06.28.10: Rory Reid, John Isner, Jordan Crawford

–Notice that I have a new banner up this week.  Those of you who live in Baton Rouge should recognize this view.  I grew up in Baton Rouge, so every now and then I feel compelled to give the BTR a little banner love.

–Rory Reid is running for governor of Nevada.  For those of you who don’t know, Rory Reid is the son of Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid.  But it seems that he is trying to keep that little bit of info on the DL.  (Wonder why?)  Here is one of his campaign spots, courtesy of Youtube.  See if you can find any mention of Reid anywhere in this:

Props go out to John Isner.  Great job at Wimbledon this week.

In-N-Out Burger is coming to Dallas.  ROAD TRIP!!!!!

–For those of you who don’t know, In-N-Out Burger is quite simply the best fast food hamburger that you will eat anywhere.  All of their hamburgers are made to order.  When you order fries, they will actually take a potato, cut it up, and drop it into the fryer right then and there.  They have them in California, and I believe they also have them in other places such as Arizona and Nevada as well.

–I know some of you people stop in here from time to time looking for information on Labor Day.  As if I am some high-ranking person in the leadership of my church who has all the answers to anything and everything that is going on.  But since we like to keep our peeps well-informed, here is the skinny on Labor Day.

The Crocks have drafted Jordan Crawford.  For a team replete with draft-day gaffes (Acie Law, Shelden Williams, Priest Lauderdale, and passing on Chris Paul), it seems as if they may have actually gotten one right.

–This video of BP execs spilling coffee is so funny, we have to look at it again.

–Those of you who are going crazy from the heat, think about this:  According to Weather Underground, the high today in Amundsen-Scott Station, Antarctica, is -61, the low is -94, and the windchill is -126.  Later this week they are expected to have lows below -100 and windchills below -140.  Feel better now?