David Vinson on Evolution in the Public Schools

Today I wish to direct your attention to another post over at the Biologos blog site.  In this post, physician and educator David Vinson relates his experience with allaying the fears of parents trying to deal with the quandary of how to deal with their children being in a public school where evolution is taught.  These parents came to faith in a church which strongly emphasized Biblical creation while teaching that evolution is nothing more than a pseudoscientific yarn developed by atheists to explain away God and erode the moral fiber of our nation.  Vinson walked them through his own journey of how he came to understand that the challenge of evolution is not to oppose it but to include it in a larger framework which includes all of what we know to be true about God and other spiritual realities.  Along the way, Vinson provides links to the story of his own journey and other resources which may be helpful to those of you who are interested in exploring further.

Read “Allaying Parental Fears About Evolution Education in the Public Schools” by David Vinson