The Monday Melange 06.21.10: Big Butter Jesus, Vuvuzelas

–Condolences go out from all the staff here at Everyone’s Entitled to Joe’s Opinion to all our peeps up in southern Ohio on the loss of your Jesus sculpture thingy.

–This might almost be enough to make me like soccer:  A Lego stop-motion animation recreation of highlights from the US-England World Cup match.  They got just about everything right–right down to the crowd noise and the vuvuzelas.

–That’s right.  For those of you who haven’t been watching the World Cup, this has been the rest of the world’s introduction to the vuvuzela.  A more annoying instrument, man could not possibly have invented.  Imagine that:  The so-called world’s biggest sporting event sounds like the inside of a beehive, or possibly Lane Kiffin’s head, or possibly a beehive inside of Lane Kiffin’s head.  Which would explain a lot.

–Seriously, though.  Mark Richt needs to quit thinking about blackouts, or black pants, or bum-rushing the end zone to celebrate the first touchdown.  If he wants to do something truly constructive, he should get all the Georgia fans to sneak vuvuzelas into the stadium in Jacksonville and play them all afternoon long.  That might freak Florida out badly enough to actually give us a chance to win.  Coach Richt, can you please get on this right away?

–I mean, the peeps at Mississippi State have figured out how to sneak cowbells into their stadium, so this can’t be that hard to figure out.  Right?

–Ever wonder how the peeps at BP handle it when somebody spills coffee?  Take a gander at this:

–Only 11 weeks to the start of football season.  If LSU does poorly this year, will people start calling them “Les’s Miserables”?