The Monday Melange 06.10.10 (BREAKING NEWS): Avery Johnson, Tom Izzo, Ben Roethlisberger

–Okay, this is WAY off from being a Monday.  Deal with it.

–Normally I wouldn’t do one of these in the middle of the week.  But this is a huge time in the world of sports and there are several breaking stories floating around out there that desperately need to be blogged, so we are going to do this four days early.  If we wait until Monday, a lot of these stories will be dead issues.  And we don’t want that.  So here we go.

–According to the latest report, Avery Johnson apparently thinks the Crocks are just as much a crock as I do.  He must, if he thinks that taking on a MASSIVE rebuilding project in the garbage dump capital of the world is preferable to coaching the Crocks.

–It’s just as well.  Though Avery Johnson has a very high winning percentage and has taken the Dallas Mavericks to the NBA championship, he was nonetheless fired after consecutive first-round playoff exits.  This does not necessarily bode well for a team that is trying to get past the second round in the playoffs.

–The big elephant in the room right now is conference expansion.  According to the latest reports, Nebraska is headed to the Big TenAnd six teams are headed to the Pac 10:  Texas, Texas A&M, Texas Tech, Oklahoma, Oklahoma State, and Colorado.  What this means effectively is that the Big 12 is now dead.

–Wow, how quickly this story is breaking out.  Stay tuned, people.

Tom Izzo of Michigan State may be headed to the Cleveland Cavs.  Izzo has had his name mentioned in NBA coaching searches for years; looks like he may finally be making the jump.

The GBI has just released a shitload of videos from the Ben Roethlisberger case.  According to Roethlisberger’s accuser, he “had a short temper”.  Take a gander at these, if you dare.

–WHOOPS:  Forgot a HUGE item that is just coming down the pipe.  Apparently the NCAA has concluded its investigation into Southern Cal and will be announcing its findings sometime today.  This is gonna be huge.  According to the current speculation, Southern Cal will be banned from postseason play for two years, face the loss of several scholarships, have several 2004 wins revoked, and be on probation for a couple of years.

And you thought Pete Carroll leaving for Seattle earlier this year was just coincidence?