The Monday Melange 05.17.10: Les Miles, Mark Richt, Jarrod Saltalamacchia

–Somebody up in Massachusetts was cited for running over Jesus Christ in a crosswalk.  No, really.

–According to Paul Finebaum of the Press-Register (I think that’s Mobile but I can’t swear to it), LSU’s Les Miles and Georgia’s Mark Richt are both headed for a fall.  His reasoning is that both coaches have rivals in their respective divisions that have won one of the past two national championships.  Both coaches have had early success in their respective tenures, only to have disastrous results (by comparison) in the last two seasons.

But according to the AJC’s Tony Barnhart, the situations of Les Miles and Mark Richt couldn’t be more different.  If you dig a little deeper, you will see that in Baton Rouge, there is the pervasively nagging feeling that Les Miles is not maximizing the resources at his disposal, and LSU has offensive issues galore.  Les Miles has never exactly felt the love from the peeps down in the BTR, and it took a national championship in 2007 just to take a little of the heat off.  Mark Richt has issues of his own, on both offense and defense.  In the past two seasons his teams have done an awful lot of things that well-coached teams just don’t do.  However, with the hiring of Todd Grantham and two other new defensive coaches, Richt has moved decisively to address the issues on that side of the ball.  Hopefully these changes will result in significant improvement in the years to come.  But if Georgia should finish 7-5 again this year, the most that will happen to Mark Richt is that he may feel pressure to make some more staff changes.  As for Les Miles, however, let’s just say that he had better beat North Carolina here in the ATL in September.  If he doesn’t, life will be extremely miserable for him.

–Those crazy Anglicans are at it again.  As if what you have seen already to this point hasn’t convinced you that they are certifiably crazy, here they are going on record that Australians should have fewer children.

–This whole overpopulation thing is so overrated, people.  I mean, think about it.  If you were to take all the people on the face of the earth right now and gather them all together in a single spot, standing room only, such that each person was allowed an area of two square feet upon which to stand, they would fill up an area of 445 square miles.  That’s about 21 miles by 21 miles, which is about the same as the area inside of I-285.

Or think of it like this:  If you were to provide each person on the face of the earth with a 3,000-square-foot apartment, you would need to build a single-story building of approximately 667,000 square miles (800 miles by 800 miles).  That’s about the size of the state of Texas.  If you were to build a two-story building, it would have to be about 600 miles by 600 miles.  If you were to build a five-story building, it would be about 350 miles by 350 miles, or about the size of Alabama and Georgia put together.

–Seems the Braves may have actually gotten the better end of that deal a couple of years back where they gave up Jarrod Saltalamacchia and a whole slew of other prospects for Mark Teixeira.  You see, Saltalamacchia is stuck in the minors in Oklahoma City.  Seems he’s forgotten how to throw a baseball.  Back to the pitcher.  Reminds you of something out of Charlie Brown, doesn’t it?