Daniel Harrell: Adam and Eve

Today I wish to direct your attention to a post over at the Biologos blog site in which pastor Daniel Harrell offers his take on Adam and Eve, and how the concept of a historical Adam and Eve can be reconciled with a belief in theistic evolution.  The key idea here is that nowhere does the Bible say that Adam and Eve were the first persons ever to walk the face of the earth.  That is something which we have read into the text, but which is never explicitly stated.  As a matter of fact, later passages in Genesis (such as the one where Cain kills Abel and then is afraid that he will be killed if anyone else finds him) would make absolutely no sense if Adam and Eve were the first persons who ever lived.

Harrell’s view is that there were already humans living on the earth when the events in Genesis took place.  God specially selected Adam and Eve to be the representatives of the entire human race.  This is consistent with how God would deal with humanity in later instances, such as specially selecting Noah to build the ark, or selecting Abraham to be the father of the people of Israel.

Try this on for size and see what you think.