The Monday Melange 05.03.10: Ryan Madson, Sean Payton

–So I hear that Ryan Madson of the Philadelphia Phillies just got owned by a folding chair.  He came away from a blown save against San Francisco (or is it San Francicso?) last Wednesday and had a run-in with the chair where he let his frustrations out.  And now he is on the 15-day disabled list.

Noah’s Ark may have been found.  A group of Chinese explorers claims to have found some pieces of wood up on top of Mount Ararat.  But a group of Kurds is claiming that they carried the wood up the mountain in order to play a joke on the Chinese.  Who’s right?  Does it really matter anyway?  Michael Spencer did not think very highly of this whole ark-hunting thing, and he wrote about it here.

–The Big 10 is planning to expand.  They may just add Notre Dame and call it a day, or they may go for broke and up their numbers to 16 teams.  AJC sports columnist Tony Barnhart offers his views on how this will affect the college football landscape.

–Wow.  I mean wow.  New Orleans Saints coach Sean Payton has been implicated in an alleged theft of Vicodin from the team’s drug locker.  Of course, the fact that this guy went straight to the press and the courts first rather than the proper authorities says something.  We will definitely see about this.  At any rate, nothing like a good Sean Payton rumor to spice up your Monday morning, right?