Michael Horton on the Difference Between a Church and a Movement

Today I wish to direct your attention to a post by Michael Horton on the difference between a church and a movement.  Horton’s big idea is that movements are ephemeral and tend to splinter easily, while the church is built to last.  This post is occasioned by the controversy within Reformed circles over John Piper’s decision to invite Rick Warren to speak at his upcoming Desiring God conference.  Horton uses his own analogy of a movement as a village green where people from all different churches can come out into open space and have conversations together, and makes reference to C. S. Lewis’s analogy of churches as the rooms in a house and all the rest of Christianity as the hallways.  You can hang out in the hallways, but it is the rooms that are built for all the complexities of doing life on a long-term basis.

Read Michael Horton’s “The Hallway and the Rooms”