In Memoriam: Michael Spencer (cont’d)

Today we continue our remembrance of Michael Spencer.

Michael Spencer had a sense of humor and was not afraid to use it in order to poke fun at those things in the world of evangelical Protestant-dom which deserve to be made fun of.  Here is one of his all-time classics, a post entitled “Easter Weekend at the Megachurch” which appeared on the Boar’s Head Tavern (a group blog moderated by Michael Spencer) back around Easter 2005:

BHT Fellow Judson posted: “I just received a recorded phone call from my pastor inviting me to attend Easter Sunday.”

Lurker Eric replied with this gem:

“Press 1 if you will be attending the Traditional Easter Sunrise Service to be held in the (insert local Jr. College stadium here).”

“Press 2 if you will be attending the 8:30 Traditional/Contemporary Easter Cantata Service to be held in the main auditorium/gymnasium.”

“Press 3 if you will be attending the 10:00 Contemporary/Revelant Passion Interpretation in the Holy Grounds Coffee shop. Seating is limited, please reserve soon.”

“Press 4 if you will be bringing a friend to the 10:30 Resurrection Sunday Pageant. If you’re friend is not a Christian but is sensitive to the christian lifestyle/worldview, please leave their name and address so the Seeker Strike Team can visit them next Tuesday.”

“Press 9 to hear these selections again or Press ‘O’ for the operator…Thank you for calling Valley Central Fellowship and Worship Center…”

(Eric the Lurker from Redding)

Neither was Michael Spencer afraid to laugh at himself on occasion.  Here he offers a listing of some of his most boneheaded ministry moments:  “Stupid Ministry Tricks:  The Best of My Bone-Headed Ministry Mistakes”