In Memoriam: Michael Spencer (cont’d)

Today we continue our remembrance of Michael Spencer.

Michael Spencer was not afraid to speak out in the face of issues in evangelical Protestant-dom which he saw as problematic.  I will begin today by directing your attention to a post entitled “Talk Hard” which is a manifesto for the role of the critic in the world of evangelical Protestant-dom.

“Why Do They Hate Us?” This article takes a long, hard look at evangelicalism and its engagement with the outside world.  There are many good reasons why evangelical Protestant-dom does not get a lot of love in the outside world at large, and sadly, many of those reasons have nothing whatsoever to do with the Gospel.

“Signs:  I’m Weary of Weird Christians” In this article Michael Spencer takes aim at those evangelicals who claim to know what God is saying to them as if they are having additional books of the Bible pumped directly into their heads, and those who claim to know beyond the shadow of a doubt the next big thing God is going to do in our day and age.

“Out of Business with God” In this article Michael Spencer takes on transactionalism, the belief that if we do something then God will automatically respond in a certain way.  Evangelical Protestant-dom is rife with this.

“Those Magnificent Young Men in Their Pastoring Machines” Here Michael Spencer takes aim at the contemporary evangelical view of the pastorate, in which the prevalence of church growth methodology has caused the pastor to be seen not as a pastor but as a CEO and salesman.

“One Big, Happy Lie:  Southern Baptists, Alcohol, and Me” Here Michael Spencer describes what it was like to grow up in a religious culture where there was a tremendous amount of hypocrisy over the issue of alcohol.

“To Be or Not To Be, or Why I’m Not A Young Earth Creationist” In this article Michael Spencer describes why he is less than impressed with the young-earth creationist position, which has way more influence in the world of evangelical Protestant-dom than it ought to.