In Memoriam: Michael Spencer (cont’d)

Today we continue our commemoration of Michael Spencer with a few more articles.

Michael Spencer was not afraid to blog about his personal life, weaknesses, and struggles.  He took a lot of heat for this over the course of his blogging career, from others who saw his admission of personal struggles and failings as evidence that he was not qualified to be in ministry.  As a result of this, he has toned down the personal side and a lot of really good material is not there anymore.  Here are some of the best articles which highlight his personal life and struggles:

“When I Am Weak:  Why we must embrace our brokenness and never be good Christians” This one is precisely what it sounds like.  Evangelicals love a testimony of how screwed-up our lives USED to be before we came to Christ, but we refuse to acknowledge the fact that our lives, in many instances, are just as screwed up now as they ever were before, if not more so.  And it’s killing us.  “To Know We’re Not Alone” is another post in more or less the same vein.

“I Have My Doubts” This one is about all of the doubts which Michael Spencer wrestled with over the course of his life, and it takes aim at the tendency among evangelicals to believe that faith in Christ means you are no longer allowed to doubt anything anymore.

“The Boat in the Backyard” This one is about a boat which Michael Spencer’s father bought when he was growing up, in hopes of spending time fishing with him.  But one thing happened, then another; ultimately, the boat was never used.  The post is all about his father’s struggle with depression, and about how he finally understands after all these years.

“The Boy At The Beach…and How I Killed Him” This one is all about Michael Spencer’s struggles with being fat.

“On Running Wounded” This one is all about Michael Spencer’s struggles with his marriage.

In these pieces, we see that Michael Spencer was not afraid to bare his soul when it came to his personal struggles and doubts.  You read these, and you know that you are not alone.