Francis Beckwith on Intelligent Design

Today I wish to direct your attention to a post by Francis Beckwith over at the Biologos Foundation’s blog site.  The Biologos Foundation is devoted to addressing issues of science and faith and how they intersect.

In this post, Francis Beckwith critiques intelligent design, specifically the idea that design, which would be the work of an intelligent Designer, exists only in the case of phenomena which cannot be explained by natural causes.  Atheistic scientists maintain that there is no need for belief in an intelligent Designer; these gaps in our ability to explain phenomena by means of natural causes will disappear as our scientific knowledge increases.  Intelligent design advocates maintain that these gaps will never be filled; there are some things which just cannot be explained.

As an alternative to this, Beckwith advocates the philosophy of Thomas Aquinas, which holds that God is the ultimate cause of everything, whether there is a natural explanation for it or not.  This ultimate cause does not compete with or replace material causes when they exist; rather the physical and ultimate causes exist side by side.

Read Francis Beckwith’s “Intelligent Design and Me:  Confessions of a Doting Thomist