The Monday Melange 03.22.10: Jim Mora, John Hagee, Lionel Richie

–Remember when Jim Mora got on the radio and said that his dream job was to coach at Washington?  Well, it seems he’s a little closer to that position now.  Apparently he has just landed a gig coaching high school ball out in the Seattle area.

–For those of you who are following the big Avatar flap between Mark Driscoll and Christianity Today, here is another item from Christianity Today dealing with how evangelical Protestant-dom has responded to the portrayal of religious things in popular movies.  In the past, our response has been to run from anything that portrays religion in a way that we disagree with.  Now, in attempting to distance ourselves from the fundamentalists of yore, we have gone to the extreme of accepting almost anything that comes out of Hollywood these days.

–John Hagee is at it again.  John Hagee is the frontman for a very troubling movement within evangelical Protestant-dom that is rooted in dispensationalist eschatology which believes that Christ will not return until the Antichrist has ruled for seven years and for the Antichrist to come he must have a place to sit during his moment of triumph–ergo, the Temple must be rebuilt in Jerusalem, ergo, the Dome of the Rock must be torn down and the Muslims driven out of Jerusalem.  Just try and pull a stunt like that, and watch the Middle East go up in smoke, and the whole world with it.

So here is Hagee in the news this week, denouncing the Goldstone Report and defending illegal Jewish settlements in the West Bank.  Take a gander at this, people.  Now think:  Is this the sort of person you want influencing Israeli policy or U. S. foreign policy towards Israel?

–Not all Jews are in support of the Christian Zionist position.  Some actually see it as anti-Semitic in an indirect way.  And if you think about it, that kind of makes sense.  Christians supporting Israel because they want to set things up for the Antichrist to come to power and kill a whole bunch of Jews…doesn’t that strike you as kind of anti-Semitic?

–Here is a Jewish take on the whole Hagee/Netanyahu thing from Rachel Tabachnick at Zeek, who is less than fully enthused and actually sees it as a threat to Israel’s long-term security.  I tend to agree.

–Here’s one for the Funny How Times Change department here at Everyone’s Entitled to Joe’s Opinion.  Check out this video of Lionel Richie’s “Hello”:

In the 80’s, back when this video was made, women would look at something like this and think, “How romantic”.  Nowadays, I bet those of you women who watched this were thinking to yourselves, “How creepy”.

–In this video Lionel Richie plays the role of a high school music teacher committing an epic professionalism fail by pursuing an inappropriate relationship with a blind student.  Notice that it does NOT show Lionel Richie appearing before the PSC for a hearing on the revocation of his teaching certificate.

–To all y0u male teachers out there:  If you are thinking of falling in love with a female student, DON’T DO IT!!!!!  Even if she is hot like the girl in the video.  Nothing good can possibly come of it.  You will almost certainly lose your teaching certificate, and you will be lucky to not be prosecuted under a million different anti-stalking laws.

–Which brings to mind the question:  Did Lionel Richie have the story depicted in this video in mind when he wrote the song?  Or did Bob Giraldi and the creative peeps who were charged with the task of making a video for this song come up with this idea themselves?

–Getting a wee bit nipply down at Amundsen-Scott Station, Antarctica.   High:  -61.  Low:  -74.  Windchill:  -112.  And that’s a good thing as far as we are concerned, because their winter is our summer, which means that if it’s getting colder down there, it will soon be getting warmer up here.