The Monday Melange 03.15.10: Mark Driscoll, Carl Edwards

–Hope you all had a happy Pi Day yesterday.  3/14.  Get it?

–OK, so I’m sure you have heard by now that Mark Driscoll is not too crazy about Avatar.  He even calls it demonic.  He slams Christianity Today for their review of Avatar.  Christianity Today was not too crazy about this, as you can see in this response.

This whole exchange is instructive because it shows just how much things have changed in evangelical Protestant-dom regarding the arts, specifically movies and the theater.  Once upon a time–and those of you who are over 40 can vouch for this–there was a time when the theater, and going to the theater, were condemned by evangelicals in no uncertain terms.  Even going to–or going past–a video store back when the whole video rental thing first took off, was supposed to cause evangelicals serious discomfort.  Even avowedly Christian movies such as The Hiding Place and Chariots of Fire caused evangelicals no small amount of tension.

But now, just a few decades later, things have changed drastically.  Nowadays, the largest Christian magazine takes a critical position when a leading pastor negatively evaluates the spiritual content of a Hollywood film.  Driscoll goes to great lengths to point out that he is not a fundamentalist who is opposed to the theater–but even at that his opinion is still a minority report in evangelical Protestant-dom.  (This is not to say that Christianity Today, or anyone else in evangelical Protestant-dom, lacks discernment.  This is only to say that those of you who are over 40 must be shaking your heads and wondering what the hell has happened because the world has changed so much and Christians have changed with it.)

–Do I think Avatar is demonic?  No, just trite and timeworn.  The storyline left a hella lot to be desired, but the graphics and special effects are amazing.  You definintely need to see this movie–in 3D, if you have the chance.  Surely you can sit through a couple of hours of trite storyline in order to see this.  There are many 3D movies out there that have even less in the way of plot than this one.

–Carl Edwards slammed into Brad Keselowski from behind, at 190-ish.  And what did NASCAR do?  They put Edwards on probation for 3 races.  Apparently they were hurting for revenue and thought that this sort of thing might bring fans back.  NASCAR hurting for revenue?  Who knew?

Here is a video of the Carl Edwards thing so you can judge for yourself.  Do you think NASCAR did the right thing?

Okay, enough about racing.  I’m not a NASCAR fan, and I don’t think you read this blog to see my thoughts on NASCAR.