If I Had Known Alabama Was Going to Do This, I Would Have Rooted Against Them in the BCS Championship Game

Nick Saban is getting a statue, as noted by AJC sports columnist Jeff Schultz.  This is only after three seasons at Alabama, in one of which he just happened to win a national championship.  (Bobby Bowden had to wait until he retired from Florida State to get his statue.  You think that if LSU had put up a statue of Nick Saban after he won his championship in 2003 he might still be there?)

The designers working on the statue have been asked to emphasize “Coach Saban’s love of student-athletes, his love of being a teacher”.  Wonder if they will emphasize his love of being a liar?  Recall that that is how he got the Alabama job–after weeks of assurances that he had no interest in the position whatsoever.