Os Guiness: What Have We Wrought?

In this provocative video piece, Os Guiness says that the new atheism is in many ways something which evangelical Protestant-dom has brought upon itself, chiefly through the Religious Right and its insistence upon a creationist interpretation of Genesis.  Guiness notes that atheism came about in Europe as a result of the rise of corrupt state churches.  Atheism did not gain much traction here in America until the New Atheists came along this decade, and there was no state church (or anything remotely like a state church) here in America until the Religious Right arrived on the scene.

Thoughts, anyone?


One thought on “Os Guiness: What Have We Wrought?

  1. That’s a pretty interesting argument and I think there’s something to it. I’m not an atheist, but the way in which conservative Christians, whether they are Protestant or Catholic, have attempted to affect public policy by demonizing anyone who doesn’t agree with their views has definitely had a negative impact on the way in which I view Christianity in general. Unfortunately, this has led me to stereotype Christians in the same way that I feel they have stereotyped so-called liberals such as myself. I say this is unfortunate because two wrongs don’t make a right. In fact, they just make more wrong.

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