The Monday Melange 03.01.10: Fight Club, Justin Bieber, Michael Jackson

–Here’s one for the Real Life Imitates Art department here at Everyone’s Entitled to Joe’s Opinion:  In the novel Fight Club by Chuck Pahaliuk, the unnamed narrator begins the story working for an unnamed auto manufacturer.  His job is to do cost-benefit analysis for recalls of defective models:  is it cheaper to go ahead and do a recall when a defect is discovered, or to settle out-of-court with the families of people who die as a result of these defects?

Now it comes out that Toyota has apparently done something similar:  They managed to save a boatload of money by negotiating with regulators for a limited recall when their stuck-accelerator problems first started coming to light back in 2007.  This looks really bad for Toyota; as if they interfered with the regulatory process and failed to address safety defects in order to maximize their profits.

–While we’re on the subject of Fight Club:  I bet you didn’t know that the inspiration for Fight Club came when Chuck Pahaliuk went on a camping trip and got into a fight with a friend that left his face bruised, and when he went in to work the next week, no one asked about it.  This gave him the idea for a novel about an underground fight club where the members show up at their jobs all bruised from their fights the night before but no one talks about it.

–Are you one of those who is on the hunt for the perfect church?  One of those who just can’t rest until you know that you are part of the one church that has it right doctrinally or is directly connected to Christ through the apostolic succession?  One who has been driven crazy by the uncertainty of whether or not your church has it right?  If so, then this post from Michael Spencer is for you.

–I have this incredible, insatiable urge to bitch slap whoever came up with the idea to do a remake of “We Are The World” with Justin Bieber singing Lionel Richie’s part.  Very bad idea.  VERY BAD IDEA.

–Of course it had to be Justin Bieber.  The Jonas Brothers are so yesterday.

–Note how freaky it is that they have video of Michael Jackson singing his part superimposed on the video of Janet Jackson (or whoever it was that sang his part this time).  People, he’s dead!!!!!  Let him stay dead, for crying out loud!!!!!

–In case you haven’t already seen it, here is the new version of “We Are The World” with Justin Bieber singing Lionel Richie’s part.

And here is the original version:

–Those of you who are under 25:  Please try not to freak out when watching this video.  Here you will see actual documentary proof that at one time Michael Jackson was black, and NOT A GIRL!!!!!  Believe it or not, this is true.  I can vouch for this.  I realize that I have just anachronized myself irreparably and have thus lost every last shred of relevance and credibility that I may have had with peeps under 25 by admitting that I am old enough to remember a time when Michael Jackson was black and not a girl, but there you go.

–Those of you who are up on your Bible will probably notice that Willie Nelson’s line is not entirely accurate.  Jesus never turned stones to bread.  He turned five loaves and two fish into enough food to feed five thousand plus.  Satan appeared to Jesus in the desert and asked him to turn stones to bread, but Jesus didn’t bite.

–Actually, whoever came up with the idea to remake “We Are The World” with Justin Bieber singing Lionel Richie’s part is probably more deserving of a pimp slap than a bitch slap.


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  1. I guess I’m not the only one that gets frustrated while looking for a church.

    We are the World….How about We are a bunch of copy cats. Do something original.

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