The Monday Melange 02.08.10: J. D. Salinger, Bobby Hebert, Rudy Gay

–Urban renewal, ATL style:  Look what has gone up where my grandparents’ house used to be.  By Atlanta standards (where everything gets torn down every twenty years), that house had a pretty good run.

–RIP J. D. Salinger.  We hardly knew ye…  What’s in that secret vault?

–New Orleans won the Super Bowl.  And now the line to get into Pat O’Brien’s is all the way back to Fairburn, Georgia.  That’s right:  It stretches all the way out of the French Quarter, all the way up on to I-10, all the way up I-10, I-65, and I-85, all the way through Mississippi, Alabama, and into Georgia.

–Football is a very rough game which results in lots of head injuries and concussions.  If you get banged up in the head enough, it can really mess you up.  Want to see evidence of this?  Take a gander at what has happened to Bobby Hebert as a result of his having taken one too many shots to the head:

–While we’re looking at videos, check out this video of Rudy Gay of the Memphis Grizzlies lofting a half-court desperation shot, which of course is a brick.  But get this:  There were seven seconds left in the quarter when he took the shot.  Need I say more?  (Luckily for Rudy Gay, the Grizzlies would come back to win the game.  Otherwise, he would have been the goat of the year.)

–In retrospect, it now seems that Taylor Swift should thank Kanye West for that little thing at the MTV awards.  Because of it, Taylor Swift is getting a lot of exposure that she otherwise would not have gotten.

–Lots of people are now hearing what Taylor Swift sounds like when she sings, and many are thinking that maybe Kanye was right after all.