Chaplain Mike: It’s “Holy Week” in America

With the Super Bowl today, I would like to direct your attention to a post by guest blogger Chaplain Mike over at Michael Spencer’s site, entitled “It’s Holy Week in America”.  The post is all about America’s obsession with sports and how the church here in America does very little to engage this in a constructive fashion.  Sometimes our engagement is to say that sports is not a God thing and that if you want to follow Christ seriously you must give up a career in sports in order to minister in the church.  But more often than not our approach is simply to accommodate the culture in this respect and say nothing about it whatsoever.  This is evident in the fact that very few, if any, churches that usually have evening services are having services tonight because of the Super Bowl.

Is this right?  Are we dishonoring God by conforming to a culture that is so obsessed with sports?  Or is this sports thing something which it is okay for us to enjoy and let others enjoy?  This is something which we as Christians need to at least talk about.