The Monday Melange 02.01.10: Klaas Hendriksa, Tim Tebow

–Klaas Hendriksa (wouldn’t you love to have a name like that?) is our man of the day here at Everyone’s Entitled to Joe’s Opinion.  This guy is an atheist pastor over in the Netherlands.  He says:  “The nonexistence of God is to me not an obstacle but a precondition to me believing in God.  I am an atheist believer.”  Whatever, dude.

–A group of high school kids in Kansas played a prank on their girls’ basketball coach.  They brought him out to midcourt and had him shoot a half-court shot blindfolded.  They told him that if he made the shot he would win tickets to the Final Four, and they instructed the crowd at the game to cheer wildly even if he missed the shot, so that for a moment he would think that he had won.  Great idea for a prank.  Just one problem:  He made the shot.  Watch the video here.

–About that Tim Tebow Super Bowl commercial that all of evangelical Protestant-dom seems to be up in arms over:  Look, I am just as pro-life as the next person.  But I believe there is a time and a place for everything.  The Super Bowl is neither the time nor the place to be trying to get the pro-life message (or any other political message, for that matter) out there.