Quick Hit: Am I The Only One Who Believes It Won’t Be The End of The World If They Don’t Show That Tebow Commercial During The Super Bowl?

It’s that time of year again.  The Super Bowl is upon us, and you know what that means:  Time for all of America to choose which side they will be on.

Of course.  New Orleans or Indianapolis, right?

Uh…not exactly.  The burning question this week is:  Are you with the pro-life crowd who wants that Tim Tebow commercial to be shown during the Super Bowl, or are you with the pro-abortion forces who want to keep that commercial off the air?

Back when I was in college (the first time around), my dorm put on a “Stupid Human Tricks” event, modeled after the recurring “Stupid Human Tricks” feature on David Letterman in which people get up and showcase unusual talents.  For those of you who have never seen it, here is a sample of what “Stupid Human Tricks” is like:

My roommate at the time thought about participating in this event.  His “Stupid Human Trick” was going to be giving a speech entitled “Religion as a Social Institution”, part of a speech which he had given at a literary society that he and I were actively involved in.

Can you imagine what it would have been like and how it would have gone over if he had attempted to give such a speech at such an event?  Heads up:  It would not have been very good.  (Fortunately, I was able to talk him out of this.)

That is what I think it would be like if they air that Tebow commercial during the Super Bowl this week.

The Super Bowl is a football game.  People who watch the Super Bowl are thinking about football, beer, hamburgers, hot dogs, chips, or whatever food they happen to have on hand (gumbo and/or jambalaya if they are from Louisiana).  They are not thinking about politics.  They are not in a mood to be thinking about politics.  They are there to eat good food, watch a good football game, have a good time with friends, and cheer for whichever team they have chosen as their favorite.  They are not expecting to be asked to choose their side in some super-contentious political issue.  (And yes, I feel the same way about the Obama commercials that aired during the Super Bowl two years ago:  They were a very bad idea.)

Yes, I am just as pro-life as the next person, and I believe just as heartily that the pro-life message needs to be spread.  But PLEASE:  Not during the Super Bowl.  Let people have their fun and enjoy the game.  Save it for another day.


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  1. Well said, however, the reason for this particular place is to expose the message to the widest available audience. Somehow I don’t think it will be as good as the skating babies from last year, that was my favorite.

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