MLK: I Have a Dream

In honor of MLK day, here is the “I Have a Dream” speech, courtesy of Youtube.


The Monday Melange 01.18.10: Lane Kiffin, George Bush

–Okay, so Lane Kiffin couldn’t handle the heat in the SEC, now he is bolting for Southern Cal.  Coward.

–Lane Kiffin got to be coach at Tennessee by losing 15 of 20 games with the Oakland Raiders, and now he has gotten to be coach at Southern Cal by going 7-6 at Tennessee.  At this rate, he is only an 8-5 season at Southern Cal away from coaching Peyton Manning and the Indianapolis Colts.  Enjoy this smattering of sportswriters the world over piling onto Lane Kiffin, courtesy of AJC sports columnist Jeff Schultz.

–Given what we have seen of Lane Kiffin, California is definitely a more fitting place for him.

–In a couple of years, Tennessee will probably realize that they got the better end of this deal.  With Lane Kiffin stepping into the mess that Pete Carroll created at Southern Cal, and God knows what will happen on Lane Kiffin’s watch, Tennessee got off easy by only having to deal with Kiffin for one year.

–Here is the difference between Mark Richt and Paul Johnson:  It took Mark Richt 5 years and a lackluster 7-5 record for him to get rid of Willie Martinez.  Paul Johnson, on the other hand, did not wait to get rid of Dave Wommack until the defensive problems compromised his ability to win games.

–So Georgia finally has a new defensive coordinator.  I am sure that this Todd Grantham guy will be good–certainly an improvement over Willie Martinez.  (I would hope so, what with his being a Nick Saban disciple.)  It was a very messy process to find him, but in a couple of years that won’t matter.  All that will matter is whether or not his defenses play better than Willie Martinez’s and are able to help Georgia win championships.

–Twice this year, LSU has gotten punked because of shitty clock management by Les Miles in the final minutes of games.  That is one aspect of his program that he is definitely going to have to change, or else he will find himself out of a job in the very near present future.

–Steve Spurrier is a prick and Nick Saban is a dweeb, but at least they can coach.  Lane Kiffin is an ignorant and loudmouthed doofus, and we still don’t know if he can coach a lick.

–So the elder George Bush was dining at a Pizza Hut in Houston, and got taken to task by some pinhead because of the New World Order thing.

Don’t know that I would agree with Bill O’Reilly that this is threatening, but it is definitely comical to think that George Bush is capable of masterminding the New World Order from inside a Pizza Hut.

–Those of you who come over here in search of information on the Texas A&M defensive coordinator situation:  As soon as I know something, I will let you know.

–And the high today in Amundsen-Scott Station, Antarctica, is forecast to be a balmy -4 degrees.