Michael Spencer: When I Am Weak

We evangelicals love to give the testimony of how screwed up we WERE before we came to Jesus.  But Praise God!!!!!  Everything’s better and all our problems are solved now that we know Jesus.  Do you people out there really believe that?  Surely you know in your heart of hearts that you are just as screwed up now as you ever were before you came to know Jesus.  And despite what the racket of evangelical teachers and leaders out there may be saying, you are NOT just a book, a CD, a sermon series, a conference, or whatever, away from being better.

One of my all-time favorites from Michael Spencer, this post lets you know that it is perfectly OK to be the screwed-up person that you really are.  Even though you are a Christian.  You don’t have to believe the hype.  You don’t have to believe that you are only a CD, sermon, or whatever away from being better.  You don’t have to believe others when they tell you how screwed up they were BEFORE becoming a Christian but Praise God!!!!!  Everything’s better now.  Because it’s not.  They’re lying to you.  They are just as screwed up on the inside as you are.  They just don’t want to admit it.  And you don’t have to go around telling everyone how great you are on the outside while inside you are wondering why you are still so screwed up.

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