The Monday Melange 01.04.10: More Aggie Jokes, Mike Leach, Urban Meyer, and Willie

UPDATE: For those of you who wish to know who the Texas A&M defensive coordinator will be, all I can say is that Joe Kines was the defensive coordinator, but he retired this year.  Beyond that…sorry, I can’t help you.

–What an eventful week it has been.  Mike Leach got fired, Urban Meyer resigned, then unresigned, then downgraded his resignation to a temporary but indefinite leave of absence, and the sun has just taken a spin around the moon.

–Playing in the Independence Bowl is definitely not what you hoped for if you are a Georgia fan, but here’s hoping that it provides a much-needed wakeup call to Mark Richt that his program has slipped and that he needs to do something about it.

–I am sure that Mark Richt will come up with a good defensive coordinator at the end of all this, and will make all the appropriate comments about him being the guy that we were looking for all along, but really, how good can it feel to know that all you’ve managed to accomplish up to this point is to get everybody you’ve talked to raises to remain where they are?

–Don’t get me wrong.  This was something that had to be done.  There are lots of good defensive coordinators out there, and it won’t be hard to find someone who can at least do better than Willie Martinez was doing.

–Steve Addazio at offensive coordinator has been a definite letdown from Dan Mullen for Florida.  With the loss of Tim Tebow, the uncertainty over who will replace Charlie Strong at defensive coordinator, and the uncertainty over whether or not Urban Meyer will return next year, it all adds up to a possible window of opportunity for Georgia.  Let’s hope so.

–On the other hand, it does not reflect well upon Georgia’s program that our only hope of beating Florida is for them to have as tumultous an offseason as they are having this year, and for us to hope that that will give us a window of opportunity.

–I am positively reveling in the rare opportunity afforded by Georgia’s matchup with Texas A&M.  So here are some more Aggie jokes:

How many Aggies does it take to make popcorn?  Three–one to hold the pot and two to shake the stove.

On the way home from Shreveport, the Texas A&M football team stopped for gas.  Mike Sherman went in to pay for it, and the attendant told him a riddle:  “I am the child of my parents, but I am not my brother and I am not my sister.  Who am I?”  Sherman thought about it for a minute, then said “I give up.  Who are you?”  The attendant answered “Me!”  Sherman said “That’s a good one.  I’ll have to remember that one.”  When the team returned to College Station and Mike Sherman went to meet with the athletic director, he told him the same riddle:  “I am the child of my parents, but I am not my brother and I am not my sister.  Who am I?”  The athletic director thought for a minute, then said “I give up”.  Sherman answered “That guy at the gas station in Nacogdoches!!!”

Why don’t they have M&M’s in the candy machines at Texas A&M?  Because nobody knows how to peel them.

Why doesn’t College Station have a 911 system?  Because no one can find “11” on the phone dial.

Did you hear about the Aggie who got stuck in his hotel room?  There were three doors; one was the bathroom, one was the closet, and the third had a sign on it which said “Do Not Disturb”.

–The high today in Amundsen-Scott Station, Antarctica, is 0 degrees.  That is actually not much colder than it is here in Georgia.