Six Floors of Sunday School…Why?

Today I would like to direct your attention to a post from a guest blogger over at Michael Spencer’s site entitled “Six Floors of Sunday School…to what end?

This post is for all of you who think that serving or volunteering actively in your church is the only acceptable way in which to use your gifts and live your life for God’s purposes.  The author, Pat K. of New Reformation Press, recounts how he struggled with this very issue through his life as a Christian and how it ultimately led him to drop out of church altogether.  He ultimately found balance in the Lutheran view of vocation, which says that God has placed each of us uniquely in whatever situation in life we find ourselves in.  Each of us has unique responsibilities associated with that situation in life, and by fulfilling those responsibilities faithfully, each of us brings glory and honor to God.

This view was a necessary corrective to the belief floating around in the Catholic Church at the time of the Reformation that you could only honor God by serving as a priest, monk, or nun.  And it is a necessary corrective to the view floating around evangelicalism nowadays that you can only serve God faithfully by being actively involved in serving at your church.  Not that serving actively at your church is a bad thing; it is just not the only way to serve and honor God.

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