The Bulldog Tooth Bonus Feature: A Look At Some Games All Involving Teams Better Than Georgia (Championship Weekend Edition)

It is championship weekend, and Georgia is not playing.  One good thing about this is that it gives me the luxury of being able to sit back and take in this weekend’s action in the role of bemused observer.  In that vein, here is a look at the more notable games that are going to be played this weekend:

Florida vs Alabama (SEC Championship): No. 1 vs No. 2.  What more could you possibly want from life?  Alabama will make it interesting and Florida has some issues, but I still go with Florida.

Prediction:  Florida 31, Alabama 20.

Georgia Tech vs Clemson (ACC Championship): This will be another wild one, just like the one in Atlanta back in September.

Prediction:  Georgia Tech 34, Clemson 31.

Texas vs Nebraska (Big 12 Championship): Nebraska has improved under Bo Pelini, but no way they can hang with Texas.

Prediction:  Texas 34, Nebraska 14.

Houston vs East Carolina (Conference USA Chamionship): Yawn.

Prediction:  Houston 31, East Carolina 21.

Cincinnati vs Pittsburgh: This one decides the Big East championship.  Think this could be Brian Kelly’s last regular-season game at Cincinnati?

Prediction:  Cincinnati 43, Pittsburgh 30.

UPDATE: For those of you watching the SEC championship game today, here is the Tim Tebow Drinking Game, courtesy of AJC sports columnist Jeff Schultz.  The rules are as follows:

Take a shot every time:
–Tebow is called “a warrior”
–Tebow is called “a leader”. Then salute.
–Tebow is called “a special athlete”.  If the announcers suggest Tebow should win the Heisman again this year:  Finish your drink.
–Tebow points to the sky. Then realize that the only reason the sky hasn’t fallen is the sheer strength of his pointing.
–Tebow is shown on the sidelines flapping his hands like a bird (or an idiot) in order to excite the crowd
–Tebow is on camera for no apparent reason while the Florida defense is on the field
–Tebow is seen screaming with his helmet off
–The camera shows an “I Heart Tebow” sign in the stands
–You see a Florida fan in jean shorts. But only small sips for this one. Anything more could kill you.
–The announcers mention Tebow’s experience as a missionary. If they mention him performing circumcisions in the Philippines while he was a missionary: Chug your drink, then do a shot of Patron.