The Monday Melange 11.30.09: Animatronic Dogs and Willie

–Well folks, looks like the PETA peeps are at it again.  This time they have weighed in on the death of Uga VII, and they are asking Damon Evans to replace Uga VII with an animatronic robot dog.  What will those PETA peeps think of next?

Another Michael Spencer post for your edification.  If a cohabitating couple showed up at your church, would they have to leave?  Would your church be the Body of Christ to them, or would you be too wrapped up in the business of accumulating positive morality points?

–Great win this week, Georgia.  Willie…ain’t nothin’ changed.

–Seriously.  You’ve seen Willie Martinez’s work over the past five years.  No way that one win undoes all that damage–even if it is a big win in a rivalry game.

–You know why it was 17-3 at the half?  It wasn’t because Willie Martinez cooked up a superlatively splendiferous scheme.  It was because Georgia was running the ball down Georgia Tech’s throats and keeping their offense–and, by extension, Willie Martinez’s defense–off the field.  In other words, Georgia’s offense didn’t even give Willie Martinez a chance to screw this one up.

–Maybe we should get an animatronic Willie Martinez.  That would definitely be an improvement over the real Willie Martinez.