All-Skate: Time to Un-Redshirt Aaron Murray?

All right people, here is today’s question for discussion:  With just one month left in the season, is now the time for Georgia to un-redshirt freshman quarterback Aaron Murray?

AJC sports columnist Mark Bradley thinks so.  Murray is Georgia’s quarterback of the future, so why not get him in there now and let him get some meaningful playing time under his feet, so that he will be able to hit the ground running in 2010?  And if Murray turns out to really not be all that, then better to find out now so that you will have the entire offseason to develop contingency plans.  Right?

Just one problem with that, argues AJC sports columnist Jeff Schultz.  You see, if Georgia were a professional team, it would make perfect sense to give up on an apparently lost season midway through and start looking at younger prospects, getting them into the game, and making plans for the future.  Happens all the time in professional sports.  All professional sports.  But Georgia is not a professional team.  Georgia is a college team.  And some of the players on Georgia’s team are seniors.  Some of these seniors will play in the NFL, but some will never play another down of football for as long as they live after they leave Georgia.  When you give up and start making plans for next season, it is monumentally unfair to the guys who are not going to be around next season.

Okay people, what do you think?  Discuss.