The Monday Melange 11.09.09 (HOMECOMING EDITION): Man Talk and Manu Ginobili

–I got your homecoming pics right here, baby.  If you want to see the full monty, you need to check out my Facebook page.  But for the benefit of those of you who are not interconnected with me via Facebook, here is a small sampling:


For those of you who are wondering what it actually looks like to be on the field at Sanford Stadium, here you are.


The Redcoats performing their halftime show.  This show was a melange of 1960’s British Invasion songs, including The Beatles’ “A Hard Day’s Night”, The Rolling Stones’ “(I Can’t Get No) Satisfaction”, The Kinks’ “You Really Got Me”, and a song by the Who (I don’t remember which one).


Hey, we actually beat somebody!!!!!  LOOK OUT FLORIDA!!!!!


The Redcoats performing after the game.

–I actually saw Michael Adams on my way out of the stadium.  (There is no picture of him.  I did not wish to be overly obtrusive by taking his picture or asking to take his picture.  So you’ll just have to accept this on faith.)  I said to him, “You look suspiciously like Michael Adams!”  And he said, “Yes I do, don’t I.”

–I’ve seen the shots of Nick Saban on TV.  Ever since taking over the Alabama job, he looks a little bit shorter, a little bit older, and a little bit more like a complete and total dweeb.

–OK Alabama fans, I’ll say it straight out:  YOUR COACH IS A DWEEB!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

–I actually went out and gathered a little bit of data about our homecoming opponent.  Tennessee Tech University is located in Cookeville, Tennessee, which is right on I-40, exactly halfway between Nashville and Knoxville.  Here is their website.

Tennessee Tech’s mascot is the Golden Eagles–kinda like Southern Miss, but a little smaller.  They play football in Division 1-AA, now known as the Football Championship Subdivision by those who insist upon quibbling about such things.  They are part of the Ohio Valley Conference, which includes such erstwhile powers as Austin Peay, Murray State, Morehead State, Eastern Illinois, Southern Illinois (actually Southern Illinois-Edwardsville–didn’t know Southern Illinois had multiple campuses), Tennessee State, Jacksonville State, Southeast Missouri, Eastern Kentucky, and Tennessee-Martin.

We do what we can here at Everyone’s Entitled to Joe’s Opinion to keep our peeps well-informed.

–Last week a San Antonio Spurs game went into a delay because a bat (not a baseball bat–a real live bat) found its way into the arena and was flying around near the court.  Then Manu Ginobili took charge of the situation with his lightning-quick reflexes.  Here is the video:

Now Manu Ginobili did what any sensible person (with his lightning-quick reflexes, that is) would do in that situation.  Anyone, that is, except for the peeps over at PETA.  They issued this statement in response to the incident.  And Manu Ginobili issued this response over at his Facebook page.  Notice that his response deals more with the fact that bats potentially carry rabies than with anything that PETA said in their statement.

–Congratulations Willie Martinez:  Your defense played an awesome game this week.  Now why couldn’t you have done that against Tennessee or Florida?????

–So what exactly did we accomplish by beating up on poor hapless Tennessee Tech this weekend?  We showed that our team still has a pulse.  That has been very much in question up until this point in the season.

–I have another Michael Spencer post that I want you people to take a look at.  As someone who grew up in the Catholic Church, I totally get what he is expressing here.  And I want you, my fellow evangelicals, to take a good, long, hard look at your churches and at the evangelical landscape beyond your churches, and ask yourselves in complete, utter, brutal honesty:  “Is this the best we can do?”

I am not convinced by the Catholic answers to such issues as the authority/infallibility thing, the perpetual virginity of Mary, etc.  My reasons are basically the same as what has been articulated down through the centuries by many Protestants who are much smarter than I am and who are able to express themselves much more eloquently, so I see no reason to rehash all of that right now.  But is it worth being right on these issues–or at least having a position which I believe to be sufficiently defensible–in order to be where we are now as evangelicals?  If we as evangelicals are right on these issues, then how on earth can we be so wrong in so many other ways?

Let’s face it, people:  We as evangelicals are now just as much in need of reformation as the Catholic Church back in the 1500s ever was–if not more so.

–Here’s the thing about the “man-talk” which Michael Spencer refers to and which is so pervasive in evangelicalism:  There’s not really anything wrong with it per se.  Some men are much smarter than I am and have very good ideas about what God is like and what His word has to say to us, and have the ability to articulate those ideas very well.  But at the end of the day, doesn’t all this “man-talk” leave you feeling kinda empty on the inside?

–Looking at Auburn’s win over Furman this weekend, here is the good news for next week:  Furman, a Division 1-AA team, rang up 35 on Auburn’s defense.  That would seem to indicate that our offense should be able to do at least a little something against Auburn.  The bad news:  Auburn dropped 62 on Furman.  Willie Martinez’s defense is dreadfully ineffective–at least against teams not in the Ohio Valley Conference.  The last time I checked, Auburn is not part of the Ohio Valley Conference.

–AJC sports columnist Mark Bradley can tell you everything you ever wanted to know about Georgia’s postseason picture.  And it ain’t a pretty sight, people.

–Me vs Lane Kiffin:  0-0.  Mark Richt vs Lane Kiffin:  0-1.

–Here is why you should be concerned if you are a Georgia fan.  Not because Georgia is no longer worthy to be on the same football field as Florida, Alabama, or LSU.  That’s old news.  We knew that already.  But check this out:  Vanderbilt and Kentucky are not in any danger of disrupting the SEC East pecking order anytime soon.  They’re Vanderbilt and Kentucky.  Tennessee, however, has already kicked the shit out of Georgia and South Carolina, and played Florida and Alabama without completely and totally embarrassing themselves.  (Can’t say that about Georgia.)  Which means that Georgia and South Carolina will now be duking it out for third place in the SEC East.  And with Steve Spurrier at South Carolina, it is by no means automatic that South Carolina will just roll over and let Georgia have it.  Guess what folks?  That’s how it was back in the days of Ray Goof.  And we’re headed right back there, if things continue on their present trajectory.

–So should Georgia un-redshirt Aaron Murray now, with only a month left in the season?  AJC sports columnist Mark Bradley thinks so.  Murray is Georgia’s quarterback of the future, so go ahead and get him some meaningful playing time now so that he doesn’t start 2010 as an unproven and untested quarterback.  And if he proves to not be all that, then you have the entire offseason to develop contingency plans.

Just one problem with that, argues AJC sports columnist Jeff Schultz.  This is college football.  Some of the players on Georgia’s team are seniors.  Some of these seniors will play in the NFL, but others will never play a down of football again for as long as they live after they play their last game at Georgia.  Getting Aaron Murray into the game for no other purpose than to begin pre-planning for 2010 would do a huge disservice to the guys who will not be here in 2010.

–Logan Gray actually completed a pass today.  And to one of his own teammates, too.  If you wish to see the evidence of this, it is on my Facebook page.

–So how’s the weather in Amundsen-Scott Station, Antarctica?  Today’s high:  -32.  Tonight’s low:  -41.  Windchill:  -79.